Crypto Social Media Marketing — 5 Best Platforms for Crypto

5 min readNov 6, 2023
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The viability of any crypto project is based on public opinion. Moreover, the main space for its expression is obviously social networks. Below, we will talk about five of them that are most relevant for promoting crypto and blockchain projects and share the best practices that you can apply in your promotion strategy.

Why Is Crypto Social Media Marketing So Important?

The importance of social media marketing lies in the fact that, unlike other types of digital marketing, this one is aimed at unobtrusive interaction with the audience where they initially demonstrate the greatest interest in crypto projects. We mean social networks — the place where the largest online crypto communities in the world are concentrated.

Here, future users of your project will be able to receive the information they are interested in from the most reliable and recent sources, in particular, from people who belong to the same community, be it their favorite influencers or ordinary crypto enthusiasts with whom they communicate within a specific channel or thread.

Top Platforms to Boost Your Crypto Project Popularity

Social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Discord, and Medium are currently characterized by the largest concentrations of crypto enthusiasts from all over the world who communicate with each other, discuss promising crypto projects, and also share with each other predictions on the rise and fall of rates of popular coins. Let’s learn about the features of promotion on these platforms in more detail.


Twitter is perhaps the most popular platform where crypto enthusiasts from all over the world exchange their insights about cryptocurrencies and other types of blockchain projects. This social network is actively used for self-expression by such world-famous personalities as Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, and many others. Moreover, thanks to Twitter, Web 3.0 projects such as Dogecoin and Cryptokitties gained worldwide fame, due to which the value of their tokens increased tens of times.

As for the official social networks of projects, here, you can briefly and unobtrusively cover the most familiar events and updates.

Also, on Twitter, you can get the most out of the power of hashtags — these are the ones that many users focus on when searching for the necessary information.

Another important feature of the platform is threads, that is, sets of tweets related to each other by a single topic. They allow you to reveal ideas in a larger number of characters than in one message (the maximum number of symbols for one tweet is 280 characters).

In general, Twitter can serve as the least resource-intensive solution for starting the social activity of your project. At the same time, you can use it every day without spending a lot of time coming up with longreads.

And, of course, don’t forget that this is where you can establish stable, long-term partnerships with crypto-influencers to implement a large-scale PR strategy for your project.


Medium can be used to promote your project among the most meticulous audience — the ones who want to understand all the nuances of your project. Typically, here, projects redirect their followers from Twitter and other social networks to explain the technical aspects of their software solutions.

Also, on Medium, you can share with your audience some significant events from the life of your team — for example, explain the features of a new integration or talk about visiting some well-known conference.

As for the most effective tools for promotion, you should pay special attention to SEO methods using relevant keywords and their combinations. This approach will allow you to attract additional traffic from search engines.


Initially a popular messenger for the Russian-speaking audience, today, this platform includes thousands of channels dedicated to Web 3.0 topics. The main feature of Telegram is the ability to create closed communities. Thus, some marketers use it to create exclusive offers, smoothly and quietly pushing the audience to fulfill certain conditions of the project to gain coveted access. For example, crypto projects are used to present on it their ICOs and IPOs, as well as share brief descriptions of updates.

At the very beginning of your promotion within Telegram, you will need to decide what format of interaction with your audience you are going to adhere. In particular, here, you can create communities both with and without feedback. This way, you will be able to segment your audience into groups and create content for both active and passive followers.

Another Telegram feature that you can use for the benefit of your project is surveys — they significantly increase the involvement of your audience and allow you to assess the degree of their trust in your project in real time.


Since its launch, Discord has been a communication tool for gamers. However, today, it is actively used by crypto enthusiasts and projects to share their insights and news from the crypto industry. This is also a great place to discuss the details of ICOs and other significant events in the life of projects.

Note that Discord is also a great place to find accurate information about Web 3.0 solutions. Therefore, many crypto enthusiasts use this platform in addition to their Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Speaking of functionality, here, you can set up a public server or a private community server. And, of course, don’t discount the possibility of promoting your project outside of your official community — for example, on public servers where participants discuss the most promising crypto projects.

Finally, the inhabitants of Discord are very fond of AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, which provide communication with project representatives in real time.


At the end of our top, we would like to present perhaps the most promising social platform, YouTube. In general, its relevance is explained by the high popularity of video content, especially when it comes to projects that are difficult to understand for the average person.

YouTube is great for posting videos that explain the technical peculiarities of your product. At the same time, the use of visual effects will help convey information in a much more understandable and interesting format than would be the case with text content.

The most relevant types of content that YouTube users love are tutorials, tops, and how-to videos. Also, your audience may be interested in interviews and panel discussions with industry experts.

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Final Thoughts

Digital marketing for crypto solutions may seem like a difficult task, and it really is because it has significant differences from traditional marketing techniques implemented for Web2 projects. That’s why it’s better to entrust it to professionals who understand this difference and know which approaches are the most effective in the Web3 space.

In particular, you can contact us as a reliable digital marketing agency for crypto projects. Our experts help crypto, blockchain, and Web3 brands grow their audience on Twitter and beyond. We will ensure that your Web3 project increases its recognition on social networks and, thereby, get a stable increase in the number of token holders. You can start collaborating with the Coinband team right now.