6 Premier Crypto Marketing Agencies That Have Endured Over Time

5 min readJun 21, 2024
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Embarking on a crypto venture necessitates understanding the crucial role of a meticulously crafted marketing strategy. Any initiative, particularly within the crypto domain, demands a robust online presence and visibility to potential audiences. Additionally, securing investors is paramount for any crypto endeavor, achievable only through a marketing blueprint devised by seasoned Web3 experts.

We’re referring to crypto marketing agencies offering comprehensive services that encompass every facet of promoting a crypto project. These firms assist crypto enterprises in amplifying their social media footprint, boosting brand recognition, and exemplifying the credibility and transparency of their crypto solutions.

Unlike conventional marketing, crypto marketing demands profound expertise in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. While the strategies may be akin, executing them without grasping the nuances could be futile or, worse, detrimental to your crypto initiative.

Therefore, our focus is to spotlight seven premier crypto marketing agencies that have consistently proven their worth, benefiting both burgeoning startups and established entities in the crypto sector.

6 Distinguished Crypto Marketing Agencies to Collaborate With

Recognizing the importance of a reliable crypto marketing partner, we present seven agencies known for their prowess in successfully promoting crypto solutions.

1. Coinband

Coinband is a top-tier crypto marketing agency, offering a full spectrum of services to conceive and implement marketing campaigns. Founded in 2022 by crypto marketing veterans with over four years of experience, Coinband swiftly established itself as a Web3 marketing leader. With over 90 projects completed, their strategies attract 100,000 new token holders monthly.

The Coinband team excels through streamlined processes and collaboration with prominent Web3 projects such as Uniswap, Cheelee, Bybit, Crypto Wallet, OKX, ChainGPT, Near, and many others. The agency boasts seven global offices in Ukraine (Kyiv), Poland (Warsaw), Great Britain (London), USA (New York), UAE (Dubai), and Hong Kong.

Their comprehensive marketing services include:

  • Crypto Web Development
  • Crypto Community Management
  • Crypto Influencer Marketing
  • Crypto Social Media Marketing
  • Crypto PPC Marketing
  • SEO for Crypto
  • Blockchain Public Relations

Case study:
ChainGPT, an advanced AI model for blockchain and cryptocurrency, sought Coinband’s help to raise $1 million in IDO, expand its community, and achieve a daily trading volume of $40 million. Coinband devised a comprehensive strategy, starting with an in-depth project analysis, followed by creating a corporate identity and brand hero. Their social media marketing efforts, combined with Airdrop campaigns and influencer collaborations, resulted in raising $1 million in IDO, gaining 117k community members, and reaching a $34 million trading value.

2. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo, a UK-based crypto marketing agency, has led numerous clients to success with its innovative strategies. Specializing in audience growth and investor attraction, NinjaPromo leverages personal connections and expertise in finance, blockchain, and software to foster fast-growing startups and established crypto firms.

With a team of over 30 experts and offices in New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore, NinjaPromo partners with renowned companies like BitForex, Trust Wallet,, Affyn, Bank Social, Dash, Lisk, MicroBuddies, IronFX, and Rebus Chain. Their diverse service offerings include:

  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Unlimited Graphic Design
  • Play to Earn Game Development
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Marketing Subscription

Case study:
SWINCA, a cryptocurrency real estate platform, needed to attract investors. NinjaPromo crafted a short-term ICO strategy, publishing multilingual press releases in various countries, which attracted over 115,000 potential investors and secured $5 million in investments.

3. Icoda

Icoda, a crypto digital marketing agency, is dedicated to meeting clients’ needs with a passionate team that believes in the transformative power of cryptocurrencies. They offer various services to maximize brand exposure and investor attraction, with offices in Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Valencia.

Collaborating with over 300 worldwide resources, Icoda has partnered with top Web3 companies like Coin Gecko, CoinMarketCap, and Forklog. Their services include:

  • Crypto SEO
  • Dedicated Marketing Team
  • NFT Promotion 2024
  • DeFi Promotion
  • Crypto Traffic
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Korean Marketing
  • Chinese Marketing

Case study:
Qube, a blockchain project, aimed to raise $200,000 in pre-sales and $1 million in the main sale. Icoda’s multifaceted strategy, including web design, content creation, community building, advertising, and Airdrop, achieved the initial goal in three minutes, culminating in raising $1 million during the IDO.

4. Omni

Omni, a Canadian crypto marketing company, offers marketing and management services for crypto projects, demonstrating their expertise through successful digital strategies. They have worked with notable Web3 companies like OptyFi, Raiinmaker, and Flipsies.

Omni’s focused services include:

  • Crypto Influencer Marketing
  • Blockchain Community Management
  • PPC
  • SMM
  • Strategic Planning

Case study:
OptyFi, a DeFi protocol utilizing AI, sought Omni’s help to attract 50 depositors and build a community. Omni’s combined influencer marketing and content strategy surpassed expectations, raising $1 million.

5. CryptoVirally

CryptoVirally, renowned for its universal approach, offers ready-made service packages adaptable to both novice and seasoned crypto businesses. Their experienced team has collaborated with blockchain giants like BinaryX, MyCointainer, BubbleFong Friends, CoinStats, and Bitrue.

Their extensive services include:

  • Press Releases
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Community Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • NFT Promotion
  • SMM

Case study:
SuperSloth enlisted CryptoVirally to boost brand awareness. Through PR, influencer collaborations, and strategic use of prominent media like Twitter (X), Yahoo, and Bloomberg, they garnered over 320,000 social media views and 10k Twitter (X) followers within days.

6. Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy, a Swedish agency, is esteemed for crafting and executing successful crypto marketing campaigns. Their team of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts offers invaluable insights through their published research.

Focusing exclusively on Web3 projects, Lunar Strategy has collaborated with JPEGvault, Kounotori, Sahara Protocol, Rebus Chain, and Robo Inu. Their services encompass:

  • Community Building and Management
  • Crypto Influencer Marketing
  • PPC
  • PR
  • SMM

Case study:
Rebus Chain, initially obscure, sought Lunar Strategy’s help. The agency’s comprehensive plan, including influencer collaborations and content creation, led to 23k Twitter followers, 19k Discord members, and $30 million raised during the ICO.

Final Thoughts

Finding a truly professional marketing agency for crypto projects is challenging but crucial. Choosing the right marketing strategies is essential for attracting investors and gaining public attention. Collaborating with an experienced crypto marketing agency ensures effective promotion within your budget, maximizing the impact of every dollar spent.

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