10 Best Crypto YouTube Channels in 2023

7 min readNov 2, 2023
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Nowadays, YouTube is the most popular video platform. Among hundreds of thousands of different videos, you can find channels on any topic, including the cryptocurrency space. Many of them will provide you with valuable information about the cryptocurrency market in the form of educational content that is suitable for both beginners and advanced investors.

Below we will look at ten of the best crypto channels on YouTube that you should definitely subscribe to.

Best Crypto YouTube Channels Reviewed

We conducted a series of studies that we applied to many YouTube channels about cryptocurrency to choose the best one. We looked at the following indicators.

  • The number of subscribers.
  • Frequency of video uploads.
  • The type of content.
  • The comprehensiveness of the videos.
  • If the market updates are offered.

At the same time, each investor and trader has his own opinion and preferences, so each of them chooses the best YouTube channel for himself. Below we will take a closer look at the best representatives of the crypto world on YouTube.


Datadash Crypto Youtube Banner.

DataDash is a YouTube channel with 511 thousand subscribers founded by Nicola Merten. In his videos, you can learn about financial markets and cryptocurrencies. Nicholas has over eight years of market trading experience and deep knowledge of the world of cryptocurrencies. That is why he launched the Digifox digital finance workshop program where users can store money, send it to other users, and buy digital currents.

DataDash is a YouTube channel that is filled with high-quality educational content through which subscribers can learn about the basics of trading in the financial market and other important factors that are worth paying attention to. In his videos, Nicholas covers stocks, makes market forecasts, and analyzes cryptocurrency market trends.

Michael Wrubel

Michael Wrubel Crypto Youtube Banner.

Michael Wrubel is another owner of a YouTube channel that can deservedly be considered one of the best crypto channels on the platform. Wrubel is very fond of various new projects related to micro-market capitalization. The main feature of this YouTube channel is its brevity, as most videos last on average about 10 minutes. At the same time, he manages to find key insights that are invaluable to his audience.

In addition, Michael loves to talk about his money in his videos. At the same time, we cannot note that he invests in every project that discusses us on his channel. Apart from YouTube videos, he is also popular for his live broadcasts. In them, he tells viewers about market trends and then answers questions from the audience. Currently, his YouTube channel has more than 310 thousand subscribers and about 1900 videos.

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Youtube Banner.

BitBoy is one of the largest channels on YouTube dedicated to the topic of cryptocurrency. Currently, this channel has more than 1.43 million subscribers and more than 4.8 thousand videos. This is why the channel has a very large influence in this niche. The creator of the channel, Ben Armstrong, tries to cover all possible topics of conversation about cryptocurrency.

A striking example of this is the fundamental technical analysis of large and young emerging cryptocurrencies. In addition, on this channel, you can always find price forecasts for various coins in real time, as well as updates to the current portfolio.


99Bitcoins Youtube Banner.

99Bitcoins is another one of the best channels dedicated to cryptocurrency that we couldn’t help but mention. Here you will find an explanation of the fundamental concept of crypto space. The content on this channel is structured so that it can be understood by both professionals and beginners.

This crypto YouTube channel also has its own website where anyone can get courses on cryptocurrency investing and trading. The 99Bitcoins website originally had a different domain name — As you might have guessed from the name, the platform was created to explain to users how to buy bitcoins through PayPal. Over time, due to the use of PayPal’s name in Damen’s name, the platform had to rename itself to 99Bitcoins due to legal complications.

The head of the site, Ofir Beigel, revealed that the industry does not have any practical guides on cryptocurrency that would be explained in simple words. This was the driving force behind his launching a YouTube channel in 2015.

Today, 99Bitcoins has over 710,000 subscribers and offers them guidance on Bitcoin and other popular altcoins. This channel releases videos weekly and the videos are quite short, averaging about 4 minutes. But in each video, the narrator covers the topic in detail.

Sheldon Evans

Sheldon Evans Youtube Banner.

Sheldon Evans is a well-known crypto expert who runs his own YouTube channel with an audience of more than 730 thousand subscribers. Here the audience can always find interesting information ranging from cryptocurrency price forecasts to market trends and much more.

Back in 2014, Sheldon launched this channel as his personal video blog about development and his lifestyle. But in the last few years, he has become active in sharing his crypto journey while providing audiences with various educational materials and personal finance guidance.

Unfortunately, Evans rarely posts videos, but he is an NFT enthusiast and has even released his own collection called NFT NOSTALGIA, which anyone can purchase on OpenSea.

Kitco News

Kitco News Youtube Banner.

Kitco News is another very popular YouTube channel dedicated to financial news. Today the channel has more than 534 thousand subscribers and their number is increasing every day. Journalists of this channel every day explore the financial world and topics related to technology, precious metals, and cryptocurrency.

This channel tells its audience about socio-political news and how it affects the financial world. Sometimes on the channel, you can see videos of interviews with experts in various fields who discuss trends in the crypto world.

Also on Kitco News you can learn about research on trends in commodity prices, and cryptocurrencies and understand what you can expect in the coming months in the investment market. The channel’s experts also check the stock market and trends that could lead to a crash or inflation.

My Financial Friend

My Financial Friend Youtube Banner.

My Financial Friend is a YouTube channel that is mostly focused on investing. The channel’s experts share invaluable information about various markets, such as stocks, cryptocurrency, or commodities. this channel was created by an experienced trader and investor named Sam who offers his audience up-to-date information about the market while helping his subscribers learn to make informed trading decisions with minimal risks. Also on this channel, you can find news about the crypto sphere as well as tips on how you can become an experienced trader.

Monitor BTC

Monitor BTC Youtube Banner.

Monitor BTC is also a fairly popular YouTube channel where the audience can learn something new about the world of trading every week. To date, the channel has 85.2 thousand subscribers and 1.1 thousand videos. Here you will learn several strategies that experts use in the financial markets to make money. The Monitor BTC team works primarily in the Forex, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency markets. They also show their results by working with trading robots or algorithms on a daily basis, which makes trading quite a profitable activity through which you can earn passive income.


NFTsGUIDE Youtube Banner.

NFTsGUIDE is a very interesting and educational YouTube channel where the audience can get information and analysis about non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This channel was created by Alex Gausman who is an NFT expert and enthusiast. On this channel, you can always find a lot of high-quality content related to NFTs, such as market analysis, the latest news and trends in the NFT field, investment strategies, and others. In other words, this channel can become an excellent source of up-to-date information regarding all the events taking place in the NFT market for you.


VoskCoin Youtube Banner.

VoskCoin is one of the most famous channels dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. This channel has attracted the attention of more than 500 thousand subscribers. Here you can always find up-to-date information about the cryptocurrency markets and its trends, news about equipment for cryptocurrency mining, and other industry news. In addition, VoskCoin offers its audience detailed guidance and tutorials on setting up and operating equipment for cryptocurrency mining and information on how anyone can make cryptocurrency mining a profitable business.


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